Adolphe Willette

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Adolphe Léon Willette (1857 – 1926) was a French painter, illustrator, caricaturist, and lithographer, as well as an architect of the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.

He studied for four years at the École des Beaux-Arts under Cabanel, training which gave him a unique position among the graphic humorists of France. Whether comedy or tragedy, dainty triviality or political satire, his work is instinct with the profound sincerity of the artist. The artist was a prolific contributor to the French illustrated press under the pseudonyms “Cemoi”, “Pierrot”, “Louison”, “Bebe”, and “Nox”, but more often under his own name. He illustrated Melandri’s Les Pierrots and Les Giboulles d’avrilLe Courrier français, and published his own Pauvre Pierrot and other works.
There are not many spanking artworks done by this artist but I managed to find some. For more art and info visit the artist’s page on Vintage Fetish Art.

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