Pulp Covers

Somehow I can’t really find inspiration to browse for new art. So I did a quick...

11 Jan 2022
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Enjoy the artworks from Mongoringo, more art from this artist can be discovered via the portfolio...

4 Jan 2022
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Kurt Faber

In the books from Ernst Schertel Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv, published between 1929 and 1932,...

5 Nov 2021
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Enoch Bolles

Enoch Bolles (1883 – 1976) was an American painter of pin-up art. He was among the earliest and most widely...

4 Nov 2021
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Spanking Pulp

When finding spanking art covers that looked like vintage pulp covers I felt something was off,...

24 Oct 2021
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Birdfish is a spanko illustrator, and also a spanko person. You can find more art from...

3 Oct 2021
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Berkley Horse

You most likely are familar with the Berkely Horse (see art below). It was designed by...

29 Sep 2021
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