Around the time of WWI many satyrical postcards used spanking to bring their message. I found a few I thinkView

Here is another collection of ancient satire postcards showing spanking as a humiliation theme. Most of these postcards were createdView

Enjoy this collection German New Year Cards, created between 1905/1915 (I think).View

Dutch masters, but unknown 😉 created ca 17/18th century. It’s title was mentioned as ‘Spanking the Maid’View

This morning I am working on reorganizing the postcards galleries, I managed to create a gallery with FemDom related postcards.View

Yesterday I found these postcards with the text ‘My word if I catch you bending’. I think there is notView

A few years ago I wrote a blog with vintage art for the mythe on Krampus, I also wrote aView

Now I am curious if I am the only one who sees spanking suggestions in these artworks?The art was doneView

A satyr is a figure from Greek mythology. Satyrs were male companions of Pan and Dionysus who roamed the woods and mountains. Satyrs are often portrayed asView

L’ Avatar de Lucette was written by James Lovebirch and published for the first time in 1913 by Librairie ArtistiqueView