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Berkley Horse

You most likely are familar with the Berkely Horse (see art below). It was designed by...

29 Sep 2021
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Therese Philosophe

Thérèse philosophe (Therese the Philosopher) is a French novel, published in 1748, written by Jean-Baptiste de Boyer,...

16 Aug 2021
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Ancient Arts

Sometimes it seems as if I keep reorganizing this blog (and all art). Tonight I have...

13 Aug 2021
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Femmes châtiées

These two drawings were done for the book Femmes châtiées. Gringalette. Published in 1924. Illustrator unknown.

12 Aug 2021
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Satire Postcards

Here is another collection of ancient satire postcards showing spanking as a humiliation theme. Most of...

25 Apr 2021
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