Dutch masters, but unknown 😉 created ca 17/18th century. It’s title was mentioned as ‘Spanking the Maid’View

A satyr is a figure from Greek mythology. Satyrs were male companions of Pan and Dionysus who roamed the woods and mountains. Satyrs are often portrayed asView

James Gillray (1756- 1815) was a British caricaturist and printmaker famous for his etched political and social satires, mainly publishedView

There is no real spanking(threat) in this art but I think many spank art lovers can somehow relate to theView

Madame/Marquise de Tresnel and Mademoiselle de Villemartin ordered Madame de Liancour (and her female compagnion) to be spanked. When theirView

The story behind this art is a truly sad one. Anne-Josèphe Théroigne de Méricourt (1762 -1817)  was a Belgian singer,View