These artworks were done by Leo Fontan ( 1884 – 1965) , for the book Ingénue par Rétif de la Bretonne,View

Just now I found these three beautiful colored spanking artworks, created by Martin van Maele for the book Volées deView

~ 1880 – unknown ~ Richard Hegemann was born in 1880 in Erfurt. He studied in Berlin and Paris andView

Agostino Carracci (1557 – 1602) was an Italian painter and printmaker. He was the brother of the more famous Annibale Carracci and cousin of Lodovico Carracci.View

James Gillray (1756- 1815) was a British caricaturist and printmaker famous for his etched political and social satires, mainly publishedView

This artwork by T. Mertens was done for the book Cydalise ou le péché dans le miroir, published in 1930View

Artwork for the magazine Le Rire, illustrated by Jules Alexandre Gruen/Grun.View

There is no real spanking(threat) in this art but I think many spank art lovers can somehow relate to theView