Altered Art

When sorting out the art from Gert Gaggleman (better known for most as Judie Delcourt) I got a bit confused at first. There were spanking artworks I found but something was off, it took me a few years to learn these artworks were altered by an artist named FunBun.
Recently I got in touch with this artist and he allowed me to showcase some of these artworks. I hope you enjoy them.

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2 months ago

I love these images!

1 month ago

Its realy good site. Nice work! Many good pictures.

Lee hale
1 month ago

Wonderful images. . So naughty I love them all !!

17 days ago

[…] few weeks ago I uploaded a blog with altered art by artist Funbun.I would like to show you some of his own artworks as well. More artwork from […]