Midieval Spanking Illustrations

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There are some spanking artworks that were margins decorations with border of floreate and foliate ornament. I came across these and could not resist sharing them with you.

They come from the Book of Hours of Simon de Varie. Paris, 1455. The Book of Hours of Simon de Varie (or the Varie Hours) is a French illuminated manuscript book of hours commissioned by the court official Simon de Varie, with miniatures attributed to at least four artists; hand A who may have been a workshop member of the Bedford Master, the anonymous illustrators known as the Master of Jean Rolin (hand B), the Dunois Master (hand C) and the French miniaturist Jean Fouquet. It was completed in 1455 and consists of 49 large miniatures and dozens of decorative vignettes and painted initials, which total over 80 decorations.

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