Hans Braun

The art from this artist only appeared in the magazine Phoenix.There is no info known for...

27 Aug 2021
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Amoxes is a very talented artist, Canadian of mixed backgrounds. His family roots & strong interest...

17 Aug 2021
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Therese Philosophe

Thérèse philosophe (Therese the Philosopher) is a French novel, published in 1748, written by Jean-Baptiste de Boyer,...

16 Aug 2021
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Ancient Arts

Sometimes it seems as if I keep reorganizing this blog (and all art). Tonight I have...

13 Aug 2021
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Femmes châtiées

These two drawings were done for the book Femmes châtiées. Gringalette. Published in 1924. Illustrator unknown.

12 Aug 2021
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Sadie Mazo

There is not really information known for this artist. The name is referred to as Sadie...

11 Jul 2021
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