Russian Spanking Art (old)

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Corporal punishment has a long ancient tradition in most parts of Russia. This spans practically all areas, from judicial corporal punishment (such as whipping of convicted criminals and prisoners) to military corporal punishment (such as whipping of soldiers) and, in milder forms, corporal punishment of children in the home and in institutions such as orphanages and schools.

As in many other parts of the world, Russian culture traditionally also accepted the corporal punishment of serfs by their lords, servants by their masters and wives by their husbands. Historically, traditional spanking implements include birch rods, knout, and nettles. Since history was always captured by artists there are some old artworks to find, showing domestic discipline scenes in Russia. I tried to combine some of those for this blog, if you are interested to see some more historical spanking artworks be sure to visit this blog from Vintage Fetish Art.

View the art in the gallery, below the gallery some more information about the artist’s and their specific artwork is provided.

Pavel Kovalevsky (1843-1903)

In 1880 Pavel Kovalevsky (1843-1903) painted “Порка” (“Birching”), a scene that shows a wealthy interior in which a boy is held down on a sofa by two female domestic servants. A third woman, presumably the boy’s mother or governess, flogs his bared posterior with a birch rod (F/m). The fine example of spanking in painting was exhibited in Kaluga Art Museum, Russia.


For this artist I was unable to find any other info than a illustration he created in 1900.

Davis Millet (1848 – 1912)

Francis Davis Millet wrote and illustrated the article ‘Campaigning with the Cossacks: I. A Summer Campaign’ it was published in Harper’s Monthly Magazine for January 1887

Antonina Christianovna Westphalen (1881-1942)

Antonina created this image that was used in a book about the history of corporal punishment in Russia written by NN Evreinov and published in 1913

Christian Gottfried Geissler (1770 – 1844)

Painting by Christian Gottfried Geissler (1770 – 1844). The painting is used in a korean history book, it was published at first in 1805. The story behind this picture is that offenders were given a choice, they could pay a fine or choose for a whipping with a birch. Since most of them were poor they choose the whipping. See more artworks from this artist at Spanking Art Wiki


This artwork is from an unknown artist, but is it related to domestic discipline/spanking in Russia in the past.

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