Sleaze Book Covers

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A few years back I owned a blog dedicated to vintage sleaze art from book covers. Since I had too many projects to run I ended this blog (which I nowadays regret) and I decided to try and see if I can include some of my findings on this blog.

You might consider it a new special I will be working on, for more visit Special Galleries.

The thing about these book covers for sleaze books is that the writer is known very often, but most times the artist who did the cover (which was created to engage more sales) remains unknown. For me that is a difficult thing since I intend to share knowledge and art (not only art), but if there is only art and I think it is worthwhile to share then I am prepared to make an exception. Like for this special feature. If I was able to find a name for the cover artist it is mentioned below the artwork, so be sure to enlarge the artworks and get the full experience and knowledge.

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