Just now I found these three beautiful colored spanking artworks, created by Martin van Maele for the book Volées deView

The artist is unknown, I know I tend to avoid explicit sexual content but this one was to rare toView

When sorting out the art from Gert Gaggleman (better known for most as Judie Delcourt) I got a bit confusedView

Unknown artist, I found it referring to 1920 as era but I think this has more to do with theView

These artworks come from artists I could not determine, some amateur, some might be professionals. It is possible some ofView

Asa Jones writes for Blushing Books, a Publishing House based in Charlottesville U.S.A. He also paints pictures, and exhibits regularly.TheView

The art from this artist only appeared in the magazine Phoenix.There is no info known for the artist other thenView

Not sure but this artwork could be a rare colored art from P. Beloti for the book Jacinthe ou lesView

Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1848) was a French painter who became known for his lithographs depicting the people of Brazil. He tookView

Mario Capaldi (1935 – 2004) was a comic artist from Middlesbrough who illustrated Don Lawrence on the Carrie strip inView