Art by Sylvain Sauvage for the book Contes et Nouvelles, published in 1944View

Sometimes I find these really rare spanking artworks, like this illustration for the book Gamiani ou Deux Nuits d’Excès. TheView

These rare artworks are from Lucien Métivet (1863 – 1930)Metivet was a French poster artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and author who achieved notoriety duringView

René-Michel Desergy (who also used the pseudonym Désiré Van Rowel, also spelled Desiré) was a French prewar spanking novel author.View

Enjoy these spanking artworks from Hookywooky. This artist has a large collection bdsm artworks presented in his portfolio. I managedView

Rumateastorian is a artist living in Russia, a little older then 30 years. He began to study drawing when heView

Leon Pierre (date of birth unknown) his name was sometimes spelled Léon Pierre, was a artist who created F/F and F/f spankingView

Wighead (1896-1982) was a illustrator who did many bdsm and spanking artworks, however there is not much to find aboutView

Illustrated by Promet-he-us, this artist has a very unique style and therefor shares a different view on spanking with hisView