Mr. Bergh’s Steam Flogging Machine – 19th Century Spanking Machine For Cruelty to Men, Puck’s magazine, 1880Art by Joseph Keppler.View

For this one time I make an exception on showing art where children get spanked. The focus lays on theView

Although this artist creates more bondage artworks I managed to collect some spanking artworks that are worth sharing here. Don’tView

To follow up on my blog with vintage artworks about spanking machines I proudly present spanking machines illustrated by variousView

Enjoy this gallery with artworks from ForceMasterR. This artist is available for commissions.View

In many fantasies spanking machines have it’s own, very useful, purpose. Throughout the history many illustrations have been made aboutView

Rumateastorian is a artist living in Russia, a little older then 30 years. He began to study drawing when heView